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A Review Of Windows 8

Every few years, Microsoft updates its Windows operating system with new features and improvements for PC users worldwide. Currently, Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system on the market, compared to Apple and Linux. This time around, Microsoft has done things quite differently — perhaps in preparation for a future, tablet dominated market. The Windows … Continue reading

The Road To 2050 A.D.

When it comes to innovation, scientists prefer to be forward-thinking in their ambitions. In other words, they plan for the future —  far, far into the future. Most of the stories and undertakings that we’ve covered, and will cover shortly, all revolve around an estimated completion date of 2050 A.D. This is when the fruit … Continue reading

Best External Hard Drives

It’s always wise to backup your computer hard drive in case of an emergency crash or other unforeseeable accident. That way, when and if a malfunction occurs, you’ll be able to save those priceless pictures and videos you’ve taken, or the thousands of songs you’ve purchased and CD’s you’ve installed. This is a top five … Continue reading

We Choose To Go To Mars

When President JFK announced in September of 1962 that “we choose to go to the Moon…”, history has never quite been the same. Those were exciting times for the space industry, and while subsequent years were duller than a pile of rocks, that initial first step was important. The modern space race has also evolved … Continue reading

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