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Rand Paul For President

Ron Paul supporters, rejoice! A Paul Presidency may yet become a reality, although it won’t be the senior congressman sitting in the Oval Office. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has shared with reporters that he’s potentially interested in a 2016 Presidential run. The son of outspoken constitutionalist Ron Paul isn’t ruling out anything at this point, … Continue reading

The Race To 2016

The 2012 election wrapped up a few short weeks ago, which meant that the unprecedented blanket of campaign ads and rhetoric finally came to a conclusion. However, if you’re a GOP official, your election woes have just begun. It’s safe to say that the Republicans soundly had their collective behinds handed to them this year, … Continue reading

The Myth Of Media Bias

It is a common misconception that news services exist as purely liberal or fundamentally conservative in nature. Whether it is Fox News crying foul and blaming all other services as antagonistic, or MSNBC claiming that Fox News is fake journalism, this back-and-forth has continued far too long. The situation is not as clear-cut as perhaps … Continue reading

The Divided States of America

As of this posting, 36 states have filed petitions with the Obama administration to secede from the union. Of those filings, two states(Texas and Louisiana) have passed the 25,000 signature threshold, which means the Obama administration will have to make a formal response to the petitions. This move is almost entirely symbolical, as the federal … Continue reading

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