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Oblivion Is A Welcome Blast From The Past

When the first trailers for ‘Oblivion’ debuted, I was quite excited. To be honest, I’d been following this film for the past year or so. The concept seemed promising, the director/writer had already sold me with Tron: Legacy, and the cast looked to be a solid lineup.

I took a friend to see the film on its opening night, and left the theater absolutely blown away. Not only did it meet my expectations, but it left me with a deep desire for more, more, more. And so I went back the next day and saw it again.

The film has a very 70’s sci-fi feel to it (think Mad Max, Solaris, Silent Running, Logan’s Run, etc). It doesn’t ruin the complex storyline with an excessive and cliche amount of action, nor does it tell the entire story in one go. In fact, you won’t catch a lot of the undertones the first, or even second, viewing. I’ll still probably have to go back to realize the film’s full intent. However, those are the best kind of movies in my honest opinion.

Tom Cruise plays his best role since ‘Minority Report’. Morgan Freeman is, well, his good ole self, and the rest of the cast give equally stellar performances. My favorite part of the entire experience was the entrancing soundtrack. Everything just works. It has a sort of Tron feeling, but that’s to be expected considering the director. The set design also seems inspired by the 70’s, especially Cruise’s house in the sky. And how about that ship he flies around in? Radical.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a sequel, or even a prequel. In fact, I kind of really hope they do, because I could appreciate more of the ‘Oblivion’ universe. This is a must see film. Either watch it now, or wait til it hits the dollar theater, but certainly don’t sit around until Redbox makes it available. The theater is the best medium to view this beautiful masterpiece, with a bucket of popcorn and a nice soda by your side.


About Zachary Levi Wall

Editor of Wandering The Universe blog. Author on the side, and contributing Tech & Innovation writer for Blacklemag.


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