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Rand Paul For President

Ron Paul supporters, rejoice! A Paul Presidency may yet become a reality, although it won’t be the senior congressman sitting in the Oval Office. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has shared with reporters that he’s potentially interested in a 2016 Presidential run.

The son of outspoken constitutionalist Ron Paul isn’t ruling out anything at this point, but he does have advice for the GOP regardless of any decision he’ll make. “I’m not going to deny that I’m interested.” said Paul to ABC news. “I think we have to go a different direction because we’re just not winning and we have to think about some different ideas.”

Rand Paul brings fresh innovation to the conservative party platform, and shares his father’s views on limiting government’s role, sticking to the constitution, and reaching out to the minorities and next generation of voters. With the republicans receiving an ever dwindling amount of support from Hispanics and African-Americans, new strategies are in certainly order(See: The Race To 2016)

Paul is in favor of stronger border control, but also wants to grant conditional amnesty to illegal immigrants currrently living in America. “We have to let people know, Hispanics in particular, we’re not putting you on a bus and shipping you home.”  He also supports letting individual states make decisions regarding control of their borders, legalization of marijuana, welfare, etc.

In regards to military spending and other government programs, Paul would like the GOP and the Democrats to reach an agreement. “Republicans who think military spending, who think national spending is important, should compromise and say, you know what, not every dollar spent on the military is sacred. We can reduce the military spending, that’s a compromise. Democrats should compromise also — entitlements and welfare, the spending can come.”

Whether or not Rand Paul decides to make a 2016 Presidential bid, the GOP would do well to heed his advice, considering their recent trouncing of by the Democrats in the 2012 election. While his father is retiring from politics, Ron Paul’s legacy will continue through his son’s policy-making and party leading.


About Zachary Levi Wall

Editor of Wandering The Universe blog. Author on the side, and contributing Tech & Innovation writer for Blacklemag.


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