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The Myth Of Media Bias

It is a common misconception that news services exist as purely liberal or fundamentally conservative in nature. Whether it is Fox News crying foul and blaming all other services as antagonistic, or MSNBC claiming that Fox News is fake journalism, this back-and-forth has continued far too long.

The situation is not as clear-cut as perhaps we might think. Rather, all news services tend to have a bias one way or the other in their favor, while also delivering factual news. For example, Fox News during the 2012 election season often painted a more favorable light on Mitt Romney than they did any of the other candidates, especially the ones they didn’t like, such as Ron Paul. They even went so far as to nearly exclude Paul’s name from any mention during the Primary debates and polls in which he won or nearly won.

On the other side of the coin, The New York Times invited the public to help scour through leaked Sarah Palin emails. This displayed an extreme lack of journalistic integrity, and a bias against conservatives, who were largely offended by this action.

In short, all news service have some aspect of media bias, even the BBC. It is unfortunate that delivering pure news is unpopular these days, but that’s the world we live in. The trick is to listen to the information presented, and then research the truth for yourself. There used to be places called libraries, where people could check out books and resources on topics that interested them. And now, like all good things, these magical educational institutions have essentially disappeared.

It is astounding that fact-checking is no longer a requirement for running a story on national television. However, be as it may that bias exists, news services are not out to get one another(I’m talking to you, Fox News). When covering a nationally developing story, some services are simply better than others at sharing the facts. Personally, I enjoy CNN during the political season, and switch services when they’re displaying a clear lack of factual information. I like Fox News during big stories, and the BBC is great for delivering everything else.

In a perfect world, these problems would be solved by disciplining and/or firing the instigators who allow their personal emotions to sway their reportorial duties. This also contributes to the notion of media bias; however, it is mostly confined to the talk show hosts and pundits who get paid to share their opinions. That’s not to say that the entire network agrees with their statements, they simply give them air time because it boosts ratings.

Media bias isn’t entirely liberal, nor are conservatives excluded from failed integrity. Everyone has an agenda, and if you don’t believe this, then perhaps you should have visited the library more often when you had the chance. It is simply a matter of searching for the truth before accepting it as provided to you.


About Zachary Levi Wall

Editor of Wandering The Universe blog. Author on the side, and contributing Tech & Innovation writer for Blacklemag.


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