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Why Disney Star Wars Will Fail

By now the world has heard the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd. and plans on creating a whole bunch of new Star Wars movies, tv shows, video games, and more. This has predictably been met with vast criticism from the Star Wars community, along with a few positive(hopeful) remarks about Star Wars’ future.

Will Disney turn the entire franchise into something as great and epic as the original trilogy? Or will they ruin everything George Lucas created in order to bring about a “new era” of Star Wars fans? Only time will tell, however, if their current direction is any giving, they’re headed towards the latter.

For starters, Disney has a history of taking great ideas and killing them, i.e. John Carter(which we actually really enjoyed, but clearly nobody else did). Secondly, they hired Michael Arndt of Toy Story 3 fame to write the screenplay. At this point you should be able to say to yourself, “I see what’s going on here.” It almost seems like Disney is trying to wreck the franchise before they even begin. We don’t really know what goes on in their minds, but it doesn’t seem like they have a clue either.

Sure, George Lucas has decided to stay on as a consultant, but how much influence will he really have in the creative process? For years now he’s been content with doing absolutely nothing, and recent interviews with the Star Wars creator portray a man ready to throw in the towel permanently.

I believe that Disney couldn’t care less about the current Star Wars fanverse. In fact, I believe they’re purposefully leaving us behind in order to pursue the next generation. Considering the wide popularity the Star Wars animated television show has garnered with young viewers, it makes an excellent point of origin for Disney to begin anew, if this is indeed their intent.

Lastly, the next Star Wars film will continue where Star Wars VI left off, with Han Solo, Luke, and Leia. Will they have new actors replacing Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fischer? Or will they pull the original cast out of the nursing home and back into the spotlight? To alternate the original crew with new faces would be a grave mistake. Then again, if they’re targeting the younger audience who won’t remember the original’s, it’s fair game.

However, we as the veteran Star Wars lovers can likely expect the new franchise to be bantha fodder in comparison. Even the prequels will find a place in our heart, as we begin to wonder why we ever gave Lucas a hard time about them. Of course, we’ll simply have to wait and see how Disney restarts the franchise before making any lasting decisions. But for now, we’re going to call it; Disney is set to kill Star Wars.


About Zachary Levi Wall

Editor of Wandering The Universe blog. Author on the side, and contributing Tech & Innovation writer for Blacklemag.


3 thoughts on “Why Disney Star Wars Will Fail

  1. I agree 100% with this. Disney is going to ruin the Star Wars franchise and I personally think Episode VI sort of tied the entire saga together. You can’t open it back to continue.

    Posted by Amne | November 14, 2012, 3:43 PM
  2. First, nothing has been confirmed about the story. It is actually rumored that they will involve the other six films at all, let alone pick up where they left off. Second, Michael Arndt isn’t only responsible for the masterpiece Toy Story 3, he also wrote the cult hit Little Miss Sunshine and two upcoming Sci-Fi Blockbusters: Catching Fire and Oblivion. Clearly this move had some merit. Next, Disney has admitted that they want to appeal to a new generation, but whats wrong with that? Doctor Who rebooted their series to appeal to a much younger crowd, and it was wildly popular. Fact is, Disney has handled Pirates and Marvel with ease, it won’t be an issue for them to handle Star Wars. George Lucas himself said in 1989, “….If I were going to let anybody do something with Star Wars, it would be Disney.”

    Posted by Brandon | November 15, 2012, 1:39 AM
  3. I won’t go so far as to wildly speculate upon flimsy evidence and a biased position to the one or the other. Clearly Star Wars has suffered at the hands of GL himself, so … to quote Ars Technica: “Worrying that Disney will ruin Star Wars is like worrying a second iceberg will dive down to hit the Titanic” – that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will improve upon the mangled heap GL has left for Disney to take over, but I find it hard to believe that anyone can outdo GL in crap directing and writing.

    As you point out yourself, John Carter was a good and entertaining adventure sci-fi film. I’d rather give Disney the benefit of the doubt, instead of starting premature naysaying of doom and gloom. Still, I guess it’s a rational position to take, at the very least you won’t be disappointed if it turns out to be crap – and you could hypothetically be pleasantly surprised if its only mediocre.

    Posted by jegergryte | December 8, 2012, 9:04 PM

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