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The Divided States of America

As of this posting, 36 states have filed petitions with the Obama administration to secede from the union. Of those filings, two states(Texas and Louisiana) have passed the 25,000 signature threshold, which means the Obama administration will have to make a formal response to the petitions.

This move is almost entirely symbolical, as the federal government will never allow a state to secede. However, it goes to show how divided our nation truly is, and the steps people are willing to take in order to change its direction. Texas, which boasts the 15th largest economy in the world, has for years talked about seceding, and although those discussions never took place formally, the general attitude has always remained.

This is an unprecedented move on the State’s part, and ironically, some of the States involved were heavy supporters of Pres. Obama, and largely contributed to his re-election. So what can we expect as a possible outcome of these petition filings? And will the Obama administration actually give the petitions a second thought?

For starters, the administration will likely decline to respond, as they have done numerous times in the past when dealing with seemingly hostile pleas. They will treat them as inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, and move on. However, due to the anomalous nature of these mass signings, they may actually give credence to the movement if only to acknowledge these State’s displeasure with the government, and reassure them that the administration will work with the people in moving forward.

While these overwhelming petition signings are gaining traction, a movement to strip the citizenship from and deport each petition signer has also become popular on the White House petition website. This of course is also symbolic, because constitutional freedom of speech protects each signer from any backlash, which there likely will be none.

If anything, this entire repartee between secessionists and deporters is just the beginning of a growing problem in the United States. With the ‘fiscal cliff’ reaching its deadline, the economy remaining a beacon of depression, and American morale at its lowest in years, our nation has never been more split. If ever we needed a miracle, now would be the time.


About Zachary Levi Wall

Editor of Wandering The Universe blog. Author on the side, and contributing Tech & Innovation writer for Blacklemag.


2 thoughts on “The Divided States of America

  1. Do the math. Even if all 36 states had reached the 25,000 mark, that is only 900,000 people. Not a very impressive percentage of our population. There has always been a divide in our nation and it is not the people’s fault for voting one way or the other, it is also not the government’s fault (to an extent). It is the Democratic and Republican parties faults for drawing such partisan lines all over the place. They have completely destroyed middle ground and declared “for or against” on every issue. Black and white. That is not our way.

    Posted by Brandon | November 15, 2012, 4:43 AM

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